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About us

As a company we seek to create a unique link with each traveler, Colombia is the country we love and which we want you to come with us to discover, to know the best of its people, the deliciousness of their meals and the beauty of their landscapes.

Come and we take a "Borondo" for the most beautiful places in Colombia.

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Public transport vs Shuttle

Public transport


Traveling can be complex and delayed, in Borondo we offer you the opportunity of a direct trip, comfortable and fast; also the opportunity to know a little of the history, of the things you can do, tips, Sites of interest and much more. Here we want you to write your own story.



Travel directly on a route that will allow you to discover different landscapes.


Enjoy the comfort of leaving your trip and luggage in expert hands.


Receive the cost of your trip in bonds of discounts and enjoy the best plans.

To give yourself a Borondo is to choose the most interesting path for your destiny, calm and knowing that the important thing is to know how to arrive. Enjoy incredible discounts to each site you arrive and receive incredible benefits for traveling with us. Dare to write your own story.

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